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About Behavioral Healthcare Network

Who We Are

Behavioral Healthcare Network is a professional business corporation wholly owned and operated by independent private psychotherapists. The Network represents the professions of clinical psychology, clinical social work, and has affiliates in psychiatry, nutrition, and geriatric care management. The Network, formed in the early 1990's, provides a full range of high quality outpatient mental health services in over 15 offices located across Erie, Niagara and the outlying counties of the southern tier.

Who We Serve

We provide psychotherapy and counseling services to families, individual adults, adolescents, children, and couples. They may self refer, or be referred by providers with whom we coordinate treatment, including providers of primary care, specialized medical care, crisis services and other supportive therapies. Behavioral outpatient treatment may also be part of aftercare from higher levels of service such as hospitalization. Organizational consultations are also provided by some members.

We serve the members of Behavioral Healthcare Network by providing up-to-date information regarding training, practice management, communication, and the latest research-based clinical practices. The Network offers opportunities for peer supervision and collegial support.

Our Brochure

BHN Brochure

BHN Board of Directors - 2019

  • BHN Executive Director
    • Ellen J. Silver, LCSW
  • President
    • Susan S. Krasner, PhD
  • Vice Presidents
    • Provider Relations: Rion Kweller, PhD
    • Financial Affairs: Julie Dressler Weinberg, LCSW
    • Clinical Services: Mary Nixon, LCSW
    • Business Development:  
  • Member-at-Large: Theresa Jaworski, PhD
  • Secretary: Karen McClintock, PhD